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What's Happening Now and ABOUT ME

Join me Sunday, April 18th at 7:30PM EDT for Oberon Theatre Ensemble's Film Festival "Smartphone Shorts." Check out for more information about this intriguing festival.



An Ohio native who calls New York City home, Brad Fryman is an Actor, Director and Producer who serves as the Artistic Director of the Oberon Theatre Ensemble, which is currently celebrating its 23rd season.

Brad recently played the Captain in Strindberg’s “The Father” and The Dead in “The Isle of The Dead” directed by Robert Greer at Strindberg Rep, Theo Van Gogh in Natalie Menna's "Committed” directed by Brock Harris and Menna’s “Occasionally Nothing” directed by Ivette Dumeng.   Some favorite New York credits include “The Drawer Boy” by Michael Healey directed by Alex Dinelaris, "American Rapture" also directed by Alex Dinelaris,  “Order” By Christopher Stetson Boal directed by Austin Pendleton, “Pimm’s Mission” by Christopher Stetson Boal directed by Terrence O’brien, “A Wilder Christmas” by Thornton Wilder directed by Dan Wackerman and Einstein directed by Randy Curtis Rand. You might have seen him in "Blue Bloods" or the short films "Behind Bars" written and directed by Jeff Wincott, "Palimpsest" by Scott Sickles and "After the Fire" by Cecilia Copeland.  Brad is a member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA. 

12th Night at South Brooklyn Shakespeare

Artistic Director at Oberon Theatre Ensemble

Former Actor at Boals, Winnett and Associates

Former Fastaff at Prospect Theater Company

Worked at SoHo Playhouse

Worked at 59E59 Theaters

Former Toby Belch at South Brooklyn Shakespeare

Worked at Wilmington College

Worked at Scandinavian American Theater Company / SATC

Worked at Prager Metis Entertainment

Worked at Arts & Entertainment

Worked at Theatre Row

Former Graduate Teaching Assistant at The Ohio State University

Studied at The Ohio State University

Studied B.A. Theatre and Psychology at Wilmington College

Order   (Dir. Austin Pendleton) Dr. Fine Kirk, Theatre Row
American Rapture   (Dir. Alex Dinelaris) Man, Husband Beckett, Theatre Row
Ghost on Fire   (Dir. Eric Parness) Neil Toomie Lion, Theatre Row
Road To Nirvana   (Dir. Donovan Johnson) Al Sereno Pelican Theatre
Moonchildren   (Tim Erricson) Uncle Murray PC II
The Physicists   (Rex McGraw) Mobius Pantheon Theatre
A Vow of Silence   (Ken Elston) Jacobs Playhouse 91
Arms and the Man   (Elowyn Castle) Capt. Blunschli ACC
Penguin Touquet   (Daniel Klienfeld) Benny Svengali Richard Foreman Festival
Ghosts   (Donovan Johnson) Jacob Engstrand Oberon Theatre Ensemble
The Three Sisters   (Dr. Rex McGraw) Vershinin Jan Hus Playhouse
King Lear   (Donovan Johnson) Edmund Jan Hus Playhouse
Taming of the Shrew   (Johnson) Petruchio Oberon Theatre Ensemble
A Midsummer Night's Dream   (D.J.) Demetrius Oberon Theatre Ensemble
Merry Wives of Windsor   (Riechel) Falstaff Lion, Theatre Row
Measure for Measure   (Eric Parness) Elbow Studio Theatre 54
A Winter’s Tale   (Eric Parness) Autolycus Oberon Theatre Ensemble
Waiting fo Godot (Bill Klinder) Pozzo Todo Con Nada
A Little Piece of the Sun   (Klienfeld) Victor Barkov The Theatorium
Sweet Bird of Youth   (Bonnie Monte) Dan Hatcher New Jersey Shakespeare Festival
Twelfth Night   (Ann Harvey) Malvolio Peterborough Players, NH
The Glass Menagerie   (Wynn Alexander) Tom Wingfield Boyd Theatre, OH
Twelve Angry Men   (Donovan Johnson) Juror #3 Studio Theatre, OH
The Mousetrap   (Gus Kaikkonnen) Paraviccinni (U/S) Peterborough Players, NH
Dangerous Corner   (Rex McGraw) Gordon Whitehouse Thurber Theatre, OH
Born Yesterday   (Jack Hinton) Ed Devery North Canton Playhouse, OH
The Foreigner   (Wynn Alexander) Charlie Baker Boyd Theatre, OH
Blue Bloods (Peter Werner) Johnny Lovell CBS Television
Snakes and Arrows   (Eric Williams) Joe Campbell Blue Arm Productions
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol John (Bad Guy) FOX-TV
The Restaurant Tony Magnotti Independent Feature
Followers Ron Neussle Independent Feature
DEGREES M.F.A. Acting, Ohio State University. B. A. Theatre/Psychology W.C., OH
ACTING Rex McGraw (Stanislavski System), Kathleen Conlin (Utah Shakespeare)
VOICE Patsy Rodenburg (Royale National Theatre), Ellen Newman (R.A.D.A.)
MOVEMENT Reed Gilbert, Marcel Marceau, Kim Lenz (Stage Combat), Jeanine Thompson