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The Father by August Strindberg
Translated and Directed by Robert Greer

Bailey Newman and Brad Fryman

"The Captain is a punishing role, physically and mentally and Fryman does it justice showing admirable range and clarity of intention." Joshua Crone, Reviews from Underground.

"Mr. Fryman portrays his gradual mental demise... with subtlety and a well paced change." Beate Hein Bennett, NY Theatre Wire


JUNE 2019

On set with 

In This, Our Time Written and Directed by Alex Dinelaris

On set shenanigans with Natalie Gold and Matthew Rauch 

With Alex Dinelaris  and Barry Markowitz  

Photos By Miguel J. Soliman

Zen A.M.
...a post-9/11 comedy (yes, comedy) 
by Natalie Menna

Alexandra Bonesho, Sean Phillips, Brad Fryman, Elizabeth Inghram, John Gazzale,  Dai Ishiguro (not pictured)

Directed by Andrew Block
June 2019
155 First Avenue, New York, NY

Artistic Integrity ... so last year! 
Lower Manhattan 2005, an artist and 9/11 survivor seeks Zen-lightenment as he faces an artistic dilemma—should he cave to shifting cultural mores or stand his sacred ground? 

Brad Fryman and Dai Ishiguru in Zen A. M.

"Bruno, is played memorably by the regal Brad Fryman, whose roles never fail to resonate long after you've left the theater." Eva Whalen, Beauty News.

TRIGGERED by  Directed by Joan Kane at NYLON FUSION's This Rounds on Us.

With Brittney Venable

November/ December 2018

The Father by August Strindberg at Strindberg Rep

Strindberg's "The Father" (1887) offers a proto-Freudian explanation of the unreasonable hatred that can exist between husbands and wives. A free-thinking army captain and scientist would have his daughter educated to be a teacher, while his wife would have her become a painter. The wife manipulates the town pastor (who happens to be her stepbrother) and the newly arrived town doctor for her purposes, using her erotic influence over the doctor and her readiness to claim that the family lawyer is her child's father. Ultimately, she drives her husband into the arms of his old trusted nurse, who straitjackets him.

Depending on the time of history, audiences tend to side with either the captain or his wife. The captain's insistence on "male perogatives" makes it sometimes seem that his wife's scheming brings him his just deserts. At other times, he seems a tragic victim of a diabolical female who, in the course of the play, is even told by the pastor and the doctor that she is a monster.

Robert Greer's translation does not steer us toward either conclusion; instead it finds hidden meanings in the original Swedish dialogue that seem to drive the play. Much of it comes from the erotic electricity between the wife and the doctor. The translation doesn't resort to crude language, but it does convey some of the subtext that is near the surface.

Brad Fryman* as the Captain
Natalie Menna as the Wife
Daniel Lugo* as the Doctor
Gabe Bettio* as the Pastor
Bailey Newman as the Daughter
Jo Vetter* as the Captain's Old Nurse
Tyler Joseph as the Captain’s Orderly

Costume design by Janet Mervin
Lighting design is by Gilbert "Lucky" Pearto

November 15 to December 1

24 Bond Street, NYC 



Below in


Directed by Ivette Dumeng

With Brad Fryman, Maiken Wiese, Sean Hoagland


By Michael Hagins Directed by Gregg Picca
December, 2017

On set Assisted Living A Webseries produced by Alli Trussel and Amanda Bullis. 
Written by Molly Rydzel 
A Pilot
Nov. 2017


Below As Theo Van Gogh in COMMITTED BY Natalie Menna 

Directed by Brock Harris Hill

September, 20017    

Committed is a work of historical fiction about the last two days of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh's life before his murder.  When his highly controversial and vulgar documentary causes a tremendous uproar in Amsterdam and abroad, Theo spirals downward. The play explores the collision of an artist's radical temperament and unyielding vision with modern political realities and the inevitable tragedy when uncompromising values clash. Can friendship, family, or love save Theo from his biggest threat - himself?

With Ivette Dumeng, Brad Fryman, Philip Schneider and Francisco Solorzano

Ivette Dumeng and Brad Fryman
At the 
Theatre at the 14th Street Y, 344 E 14th St, New York City 



Brad Fryman - Three Scene Demo from Runjik Productions on Vimeo.

Sir Toby Belch
Twelfth Night
South Brooklyn Shakespeare
Summer 2016


December 2015

A Long Christmas Dinner by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Dan Wackerman at Peccadillo Theatre

 July 2015

By Christopher Stetson Boal

Directed by Terrence O'Brien


Previously at the SoHo playhouse 15 Vandam St. New York, New York in



Me and Walter Brandes in KEEP ON TRUCKIN'- It's WAR!


Beckett meets Stoppard in this fish-out-of-water comedy of two stranded souls, lost in a strange desert, searching for identity, purpose, and reality. Now, it seems, they’ve driven their truck right into a war-zone and find themselves in a definite pickle.

In Association with the Midtown International Theatre Festival

Dorothy Strelsin Theatre at the Abingdon Complex

312 W. 36th St 1st Floor


Directed by Mark Karafin

Featuring: Matt Antar, Walter Brandes*, Brad Fryman*

Robert Shryock, and Christine Verleny

The Sea Gull by Anton Chekhov at The Drilling Company



A New Adaptation by Kathy Curtiss
Nov 16, 2011 through Nov 20, 2011 Limited Engagement
Directed/Designed by Hamilton Clancy and Kathy Curtiss
Associate Producer: Stephanie Pezolano

Featuring Dan Teachout*, Amanda Dillard, Garret Burreson, Brad Fryman*, Carolyn Popp*, Glynis Rigsby, Ian Biesinger, Marc Brydon, Jane guyer Fujita, Adam Fujita, Bill Green*
The Drilling Company
Theatre for New Plays


Brad joined the cast of The Comedy of Errors                                                                                                                              "This is perhaps the strongest, funniest and most creative production of Comedy of Errors I have ever seen" Heather Lee Rogers-

"director Kathy Curtiss' New York-set production is certain to please audiences." Suzy Evans- Backstage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


by Chris Boal
Directed by Mark Karafin
Christopher Boal's biting new comedy, the 2nd in the NY Trilogy, explores the wages of money, fame, family values and pets, as a fully dysfunctional theatrical family gather for a Christmas holiday meal.
Austin Pendleton and Judith Roberts
Ryan Tramont
Wrenn Schmidt
Brigitte Choura
Brad Fryman
at The Lambs 3W 51st St